Sell more online with Yango Market

Join other businesses that have already set up an online store with Yango Market.

Enjoy fast delivery of your goods to your customer’s home in about 60 minutes!


How it works

  • Phone

    Upload your products to the app.

  • Box

    Once you receive an order, pack & prepare it for shipping within 30 minutes.

  • Human Courier

    Give the parcel to a Yango Market courier for delivery.

  • Coins

    Receive the payment in your account within 7 days.

Why Yango Market?

  • Get access to more customers and more opportunities

    Nearly 100,000 customers from Gush Dan already use Yango app. Use the opportunity to sell your goods to them.

  • Enjoy faster deliveries

    No more searching for a delivery company. Send your items easily through the app, with happy customers getting their purchases in about an hour.

  • Switch to online with one click

    Setting up an online store has never been easier! No need to create a website or make unnecessary payments. Your customers will enjoy a new option to order goods without leaving their houses.

  • Use powerful marketing tools

    Yango Market helps you to promote your store with a variety of marketing tools. You can directly inform your customers about new products, promotions and much more.

Who we are

Yango Market is a new addition to the Yango family in Israel. It joins Yango Taxi, which has operated in Israel for over a decade, and Yango Deli, which has changed the way people get their groceries.

Yango Market covers Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, Holon, Ramat Gan, and Herzliya. And that's just the beginning!

registration Yango Market

Ready to get started?

Fill out the registration form, and we'll contact you shortly with more details. We will create a personal account for you and help to add your products to it. Immediately after that you will be able to start receiving orders. Sounds exciting, right?


Any other questions?

  • What do I need to become a seller?

    Yango Market service is available for shops which are registered as Osek Patur/ Osek Murshe or Hevra Ba’am (Sole proprietor or LLC) and have an offline store in the city. Electronics and home appliances stores, toy retailers, beauty stores, petshops, bookstores and other categories stores are all welcome. Please note that you will receive orders in the application on your smartphone, as well as make changes in your working schedule or in price list, so you will need a smartphone or desktop computer at your shop.

  • How much does the service cost?

    Our service fee consists of commission per order (from 2%* of order cost), acquiring fee (fee per payment, 2,5% of order cost) and delivery cost (from 9 ILS). For instance, if you collect an order which costs 500 ILS, your expenditures for service fee will be 41,5 ILS (500*4% commission + 500*2,5% acquiring + 9 ILS).
    *actual fees are published here: